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Flags & Flag Sticks

Colourful flags and flag sticks for your mini putt course or family fun centre. 

cup, flag stick and flag assembly for mini putt course

5 foot flag sticks mini puttFlag Stick 

Solid fiberglass. A precision cast aluminum ferrule fits snugly in the cup. 

5' White Flag Stick  #400411

Price: $22.65

5' Yellow Flag Stick #400436

Price: $25.25

acorn nut for 5' flag stick

Acorn Nut #400412

For top of flag stick

Price: $1.50

28" practice green rod flagstick

28" Practice Green Rod

Solid, resilient fibreglass construction

3/8" (1cm) diameter. Knob and base sold separately. 

Price: $12.95

Red Solid PGM Rod #20182ST

White Solid PGM Rod #20382ST

Black Solid PGM Rod  #20282ST

Yellow Solid PGM Rod #20482ST

Green Solid PGM Rod #20682

metal base for pgm rod

Solid Metal Base #402370

4 1/4" H x 2 1/4" W

Price: $9.50

knob for pgm rod

Knob for Practice Green Rod #402371

Marker Knob

Price: $3.99


Our standard brand tube-lock flags are a standard in the golf course industry. Made of lightweight nylon that blows more easily in the wind. Easy to use, simply unscrew the acorn nut on the tip of the stick, slide on the new flag and replace the nut. It's that easy! 

Price:  $9.50

miniature golf flags


Red #402071

White #402072

Yellow #402073

Blue #402074

Green #402075

Black #402076

Orange #402077

Gold #402079

Checkered Putting Flags

Tube style flag, 400 denier

Price: $22.65

black yellow checkered putting flag

Black / Yellow Checkered #402080

black white checkered putting flag

Black / White Checkered #402082

blue white checkered putting flag

Blue / White Checkered #402083

green white checkered putting flag

Green / White Checkered #402084

red white checkered putting flag

Red / White Checkered #402085

Numbered Putting Flags

400 Denier, tube style

Sold in Sets of 9 Only

Price: $156.00

numbered putting green flags

White with Black Numbers 1-9


White with Black Numbers 10-18


Blue with White Numbers 1-9


Blue with White Numbers 10-18


Red with White Numbers 1-9


Red with White Numbers 10-18


Yellow with Black Numbers 1-9


Yellow with Black Numbers 10-18



Our brilliant white cups are the favourite in the industry. Plastic and aluminum choices. 

4" deep plastic green cup

4" Deep Plastic
Green Cup

4 1/4" dia x 4" deep

Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $9.98

6" deep plastic green cup

Riji Cup


4 1/4" dia x 6" deep

Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $12.85

6" deep aluminum green cup

Aluminum Cup 


4 1/4" dia x 6" deep

Weight: 1 lb.

Price: $28.55

Safety Cup Covers

Safety Cup Covers

A white plastic disc that will simply sit on the top of your cup not letting the ball fall all the way to the bottom. It is a ¼” thick so if you set your cup to the normal depth (1” below the surface) then the ball will only fall ¾” which can be easily picked out of the hole without touching the flag stick.  

TN21220 Pack of 20 $99.95

TN21210 Pack of 10 $49.98

Qty Options

covid safety sign golf

Covid-19 Rules Sign

Safety sign 12 x 12 Sign, post sold separately.

TN50019 Covid-19 Rules $29.95 ea.

TN52936 Sign Post $21.50 ea. (black or white)


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