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Putter Replacement Grips

Your customers will appreciate our specially designed putter grips - they will not stain hands or clothing. Order online here. 

putter grips

Replacement Grips

Specially designed for commercial use. Grips feature a custom designed butt cap made of durable plastic molded to the grip. A metal washer is molded into every cap for added strength. Withstands the abuse of constant tapping and pounding. 

Won't stain hands or clothing. Soil washes off easily and grip remains tacky. Easy to apply, no alignment necessary. Available in eight colours to match all of our putters. 

Weight: 4 oz. 

Price: $2.40 each

Black #83100

Blue #83200

Red #83300

Green #83400

Orange #83425

Purple #83450

Pink #83475

Yellow #83500

black traditional replacement putter grip

Black Traditional Replacement Putter Grip

Price: $1.25 

putter grip tape

Grip Tape #3423

2" x 36 yards

Price: $17.75

For quantities of 50 or more: 

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